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The Gerald Ford Cabinet

Administration and cabinet

Upon assuming office, Ford inherited Nixon's cabinet. During Ford's brief administration, only Secretary of State Kissinger and Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon remained. Ford appointed William Coleman as Secretary of Transportation, the second black man to serve in a presidential cabinet (after Robert Clifton Weaver) and the first appointed in a Republican administration.

The Ford Cabinet
President Gerald Ford 1974–1977
Vice President Nelson Rockefeller 1974–1977
State Henry Kissinger 1974–1977
Treasury William E. Simon 1974–1977
Defense James R. Schlesinger 1974–1975
Donald Rumsfeld 1975–1977
Justice William B. Saxbe 1974–1975
Edward Levi 1975–1977
Interior Rogers Morton 1974–1975
Stanley K. Hathaway 1975
Thomas S. Kleppe 1975–1977
Agriculture Earl Butz 1974–1976
John Albert Knebel 1976–1977
Commerce Frederick B. Dent 1974–1975
Rogers Morton 1975
Elliot Richardson 1975–1977
Labor Peter J. Brennan 1974–1975
John Thomas Dunlop 1975–1976
William Usery, Jr. 1976–1977
HEW Caspar Weinberger 1974–1975
F. David Mathews 1975–1977
HUD James Thomas Lynn 1974–1975
Carla Anderson Hills 1975–1977
Transportation Claude Brinegar 1974–1975
William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. 1975–1977

Other cabinet-level posts:

* White House Chief of Staff
o Alexander Haig (1974)
o Donald Rumsfeld (1974–1975)
o Dick Cheney (1975–1977)
* Director of the Office of Management and Budget
o Roy Ash (1974–1975)
o James T. Lynn (1975–1977)
* United States Trade Representative
o William D. Eberle (1974–1975)
o Frederick B. Dent (1975–1977)
* Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
o Russell E. Train (1974–1977)
* United States Ambassador to the United Nations
o John A. Scali (1974–1975)
o Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1975–1976)
o William Scranton (1976–1977)

Other important posts:

* United States National Security Advisor
o Henry Kissinger (1974–1975)
o Brent Scowcroft (1975–1977)
* Director of Central Intelligence
o William E. Colby (1974–1976)
o George H. W. Bush (1976–1977)

Ford selected George H.W. Bush as Chief of the US Liaison Office to the People's Republic of China in 1974, and then Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in late 1975.

Ford's transition chairman and first Chief of Staff was former congressman and ambassador Donald Rumsfeld. In 1975, Rumsfeld was named by Ford as the youngest-ever Secretary of Defense. Ford chose a young Wyoming politician, Richard Cheney, to replace Rumsfeld as his new Chief of Staff and later campaign manager for Ford's 1976 presidential campaign. Ford's dramatic reorganization of his Cabinet in the fall of 1975 has been referred to by political commentators as the "Halloween Massacre".

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