Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Purple Gang

The Purple Gang, also known as the Sugar House Gang, was a mob with predominantly Jewish members of bootleggers and hijackers in the 1920s, operating out of Detroit, Michigan, which was a major port for running alcohol products during Prohibition due to Detroit's convenient proximity to Canada, which did not participate in Prohibition.

Many openly violent crimes caused a string of convictions of Purple Gang members, while the intra-gang violence damaged their organization and its ability to control its turf.

A line in the Elvis Presley hit "Jailhouse Rock" is "The whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang ... "

In the videogame series Saints Row there are some references to this subject. The street gang 'The 3rd Street Saints' all wear purple. The default car for the gang is called the 'Bootlegger'.

Founded 1910s
In Detroit, Michigan, United States
Years active 1910s − 1932
Territory Detroit
Criminal activities Murder, extortion, theft, armed robbery, kidnapping, gambling, bootlegging
Allies The Capone mob, Fred “Killer” Burke
Rivals Rival gangs, Fred “Killer” Burke after 1927

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